Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

Online casino games have a variety of different slots to entertain the myriad users who gamble online. There are ten reel slots, progressive slots, and so many other kinds. One among them is the jackpot slot. In this interesting technique, there are jackpot machines involved. These jackpot machines have different ways of collecting the required funds to build and break the famous, or infamous, jackpot.

The most common method is the one where the jackpot machines take a percentage of the betting amount as set by the user, and add the same to the big prize. Another point to be taken note of is that as far as the gaming is concerned, the rules and techniques are pretty much the same, whether the user is playing a jackpot slot or not.

Now let us move on to learn which of the various slot machines have the jackpot option. Practically, it is possible to incorporate a jackpot facility in almost all kinds of slots, including the three reel slot, the five reel slots, the multiplier, the bonus multiplier, the three dimensional slot games, and the movie themed games. The easiest way to identify if a game has a jackpot option built in is to look for the jackpot bar on the screen, which displays the current value of the prize in terms of money.

Well then, is there any kind of slot machine that is exclusively oriented towards the jackpot? The answer is yes. This is called the progressive slot. These progressive slots operate on the percentage mechanism, that is, they allocate a portion of each users betting amount for the purpose of contributing to the jackpot. What really sets these machines apart from the other jackpot games is that progressive slots, unlike their counterparts such as three reel slots and multipliers, are capable of accumulating an enormous jackpot. The value of the jackpot in a progressive slot type may run to millions, and in some cases, billions too.

There are different types of progressive machines, differentiated based on who they collect the money for their jackpot from. The Stand Alone progressive slots collect money only from the users on the same machine. The In-house progressives do so from the users in same online casino. The last of their kind are the Wide progressives, which extend their collection to online users in other casinos too. As is obvious, the former collects the least money for the jackpot, while the latter has the largest jackpot values.

Yet another kind is the one that offers a user the jackpot only if they bet the maximum. This sounds easy, but it must be kept in mind that betting big could mean winning big, or losing big. The proverbial stakes in this case are truly high.

Now that the various kinds of jackpot games available online have been detailed, go on, and give it a try. You might win big.