Innovative tips on “How to win at slots?”

Innovative tips on “How to win at slots?”

Slot machine is being regarded as the most fascinating casino gambling game, which was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco, USA. You cannot use a specific technique or strategy to win the slot game as it is termed as a game of luck. So how to win at slots? It is definitely a tough question to answer and hinders gamblers a lot.

Top 6 tips to win at slots

Unlike the most traditional wagering game, slot game does not give advantage to the player rather it pays a high house edge to casino. Then how to win at slots? You can use some of the tips listed out here to win at slots.

• Start playing with a high denomination slot machine so that you can earn high payback percentage. Dollar slot machines are better than quarter and nickel machines

• Look out for a slot machine, which will give extra bonus and free spin to first time customers

• Do not try multiple slot machines at a time so that you may lose all of your savings. Most of the gamblers think that if one slot machine is loose then the next machine will be tight but it is said to be a wrong calculation. Then how to win at slots? You can try to play with one machine at a time

• Choose the slot machine, which offers you the highest pay off percentage. If a slot machine returns back 95-97% of your initial investment then you can select that slot machine

• Select a slot machine with tiny jackpot. If you select a machine with progressive jackpot then your chance of hitting it becomes tougher. Therefore, try to play with flattop or a fixed slot machine

• Do not get tired of hearing questions like “How to win at slots?” It is very easy to win at slots if you play different sessions. Turn your bank limit into varying coins so that you can play various sessions without losing money in an extended single session

Try following the above tips and live a carefree life. Not to mention, calm down and enjoy playing.



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  1. Wow, I can see that you are excited. Well, slot machines are not really rigged. They are programmed randomly. The are addictive and offer complete gaming experiences. One useful tip, do not divulge too much emotions when playing. This will distract you even more especially when you are on a losing streak. But if you have won a few rounds, also, learn when to quit. Manage your money so that you won’t go home without anything in your pocket. I am sure you will do well. Good luck and enjoy the experience. +6Was this answer helpful?

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