Casino Slots Machine Myths

Casino Slots Machine Myths

Casino slots are one of the favourites of most casino players. Though the game has grown in popularity, there are still many casino players that are ignorant of how the casino machines work. This is why there are a lot of myths about slots games. Whether you are playing slot games online or in the bricks and mortar casinos, you should know the truth about slot machine and how they work so that these myths will not confuse you.

However, it is not only casino slots that have myths. Other casino games like online blackjack as well as roulette online have their own myths. But if you are knowledgeable about all these games, you will be able to differentiate the truth from the myths. Below are some of the myths about casino online slots.

Payback percentage reduces when the players are many: There are some people that erroneously think that the casinos reprogram their slot machine when the players in their casinos are many. But this is not actually the case. It is not easy to change the programmed payback of slot machines whether online or in the land-based casino. Reprogramming a slot machine does not happen automatically. It takes time and this will require players to stop playing for a while because some works have to be done on the machines.

Change machines after winning a large jackpot: Some slot players think that it is not possible to win large jackpot in the same slot machine. So, they do change their machine after winning a large jackpot. But in the actual sense, this is not true. The machine gives the same odd at anytime of the game. So, the odd of a large jackpot appearing the second time has the same with when the large jackpot was worn for the first time. So, you can win a second large jackpot in a machine if it is your luck. The machine does not just stop working because a large jackpot has been won by a player.

Play slot in machine that has not paid off for a long time: Again, there are some players that think that the odd of winning depends on how long a machine has paid off. So, they look out for slot machine that has not paid off for a long time. This is an exercise in futility. The odd of winning slot does not depend on the number of times a machine has paid off. A machine can stay for years without paying off and yet you may not win if you play on it. On the other hand, a machine can pay off several times and you still win if you play on it.

Casinos keep high paying slot machines at the extreme: This is one of the widespread myths about slot machine. Though the odd of winning in slot games is not the same in all machines but the casinos do not consider these facts while placing their slot machines.

The above are some of the myths that you should known about casino slots.